7 Helpful Tips For Surviving a Kitchen Remodel

7 Helpful Tips For Surviving a Kitchen Remodel

Your kitchen is the hub of your home: it’s where you plan meals for your family, cook and entertain. When you’re undergoing a major renovation or remodel, the thought of not having access to your kitchen might give you a panic attack.

The idea of installing new flooring or getting new counter tops can cause a person to put off kitchen upgrades; most people don’t want to be inconvenienced in their own home.

But there are ways you can survive (and eat!) without having full access to your kitchen. Keep reading for our suggestions on how to survive a kitchen remodel without having to eat takeout every night.

Get Creative

If your kitchen is getting a major re-haul, you might have to get creative when it comes to cooking and cleaning dishes. If you don’t have access to your dishwasher, use the tub in your guest bathroom in the meantime.

Before your remodel begins, make a schedule for yourself so that you aren’t trapped in the house watching the renovation. Go to the library for a few hours with the kids or indulge in some retail therapy. Go out to eat! The less time you spend in your house, the better.

Be Flexible

Things happen during renovations. Dishes break, dust accumulates everywhere, and remnants from your kitchen will probably be scattered around your entire house. Accept that your home is literally under construction and that the end result will make it all worth it.

Go Disposable

Stock up on some paper or plastic dishware, cups, and utensils; you’ll be happy you did. It’s not the most environmentally conscious thing to do, but we’re pretty sure Mother Nature won’t mind if it’s only for a few weeks.


There are countless resources when it comes to freezer meal recipes. Some people plan out freezer meals for an entire month’s worth of dinners. You may have to do a considerable amount of pre-cooking, but your meals will be easily accessible, giving you no reason to go out to eat.

Get Grilling, or Crock-Potting

Here in Texas, grilling is a year-round activity. So, instead of microwaving all of your food until you get your stove back, get outside and have a barbecue! Or use a plug-in George Foreman grill.

Don’t have a grill? No problem. Invest in a crockpot and you’ll be grateful you did. You can use a crockpot for every meal of the day. There are so many options that you might not even miss your stove.

Trust Your Contractor

When you choose your contractor, ask your friends and family about their experiences. Referrals are a huge part of this industry, and you shouldn’t put your kitchen in the hands of someone who might do faulty work.

Ask questions, look at portfolios, and make an informed decision. Don’t choose a shady contractor to save money so you can get marble floors. Remember, you can cut costs when it comes to materials, but you should never cut costs when it comes to quality of work.

Time It Right

You probably took a few years to finally pull the trigger on your kitchen remodel, so plan it during a time when you know you won’t be hosting any parties or having much company over. For most people, this happens during the spring or summer.

Sometimes, unforeseen issues come up in the middle of a remodel, causing the project to take longer. If you countdown the days until Christmas at the beginning of every year, it probably wouldn’t be wise to schedule a remodel in the fall.